An interview with Jean-François Parot, by Anna Brown

I know this is something I should not do but there are just so many things I should not do, one more it doesn’t matter. And I’ve just started reading The Saint-Florentin Murders by Jean-François Parot, the fifth instalment in a series of Nicholas Le Floch mysteries, and I have not read the previous ones. But if I like it, there is always time to get back and read the series from the very beginning.

When I’m face to a new to me author or series, I like to collect some information before I start reading. For this reason I thought it appropriate to share with you the following notes:

From Wikipedia: Jean-François Parot (Paris, 1946) is a French diplomat best known as the author of the Nicolas Le Floch crime series.

Nicolas Le Floch was born in Guérande, Brittany, the illegitimate son of the Marquis de Ranreuil, raised by Canon Le Floch. When the cycle of novels begins in 1761, he is working with the (real-life) Antoine de Sartine, Lieutenant General of Police of Paris, and promoted to Commissaire of le Châtelet. Assisted by Inspector Pierre Bourdeau and others he goes on to solve crimes as well as pursue a complicated love life. He and many of his friends are gourmets and descriptions of food feature prominently in the novels.

Anna Brown interviews Gallic Books’ master of historical crime, Jean-Francois Parot, and talks to him about diplomacy, food, and his creation, police commissioner Nicolas le Floch at Bookhagger. Click HERE .

Jean-François Parot by Harriet Welty Rochefort at France Today

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