Have you ever been to a place (monument, park, restaurant, etc.) mentioned in a novel?

This question was recently posted in twitter by Simon & Schuster @simonschuster. My choice is a market in Barcelona, La Boquería, were Pepe Carvalho often does his shopping. You can find more information at Boqueria website HERE (in English).

You can leave a comment to link with your blog showing your answer.

8 thoughts on “Have you ever been to a place (monument, park, restaurant, etc.) mentioned in a novel?”

  1. José Ignacio – Interesting question! I’d have to think about that in some depth. On first thought, I have been to a couple of places mentioned in Teresa Solana’s novels that take place in Barcelona. I’ve also been to a few other places I’ve read about. What an interesting thing to think about…

  2. I have been to quite a few over the years (some deliberately, others by coincidence). Funny you should ask this question right now though as I have been listening to Louise Penny’s BURY YOUR DEAD this week and it takes place in Quebec City in Canada – at one point the Chief Inspector mentions walking through the city and coming across ‘the most photographed building in all of Canada’ and I could picture my own walk along that very same route many years ago (24 of them to be exact, when I toured North America the summer my brother got married in California – and yes I do have a picture of that building in my own collection – I shall have to dig it out when I write my review).

  3. I certainly aim to when I finally get to travel overseas one day!

    I’ve been to plenty of places within New Zealand that are mentioned in the books I read, it’s one of the things I like to do, adds a fun slant to the holiday.

  4. I had dinner once at Simpson´s in the Strand (London, of course) mentioned in P.G. Wodehouse “Cocktail Time”. A nice place if somewhat expensive. They were conmemorating an anniversary and asked for ideas, I suggested a literary award sponsored by the establishment but alas! didn´t won the prize for best idea. How do you like Wodehouse? a bit apart from your “black” interests but exhilarating.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Dr. J. Nice choice Simpson’s-on-the-Strand. And quite expensive too, never been there myself. Have always wanted to read Woodhouse but still one of my pending subjects, don’t know where to start. I have very much enjoyed Evelyn Waugh though.

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