Crime Fiction on a EuroPass

Crime Fiction on a Euro Pass is a community meme hosted by Kerrie at Mysteries in Paradise. The idea of this challenge is to embark on a 12 stage European Journey in Eurail Pass style. Kerrie, as our travel agent , have chosen 12 destinations for our journey over 12 weeks starting on Monday 1 August.

The challenge is simple really. All we have to do is write a blog post on our site that relates to crime fiction in the country we are visiting. The meme will enable us to share our knowledge and perhaps point out new reading opportunities to each other. We can choose one of the following (or something more imaginative):

        • a book review (create a new one or revive an old one)
        • an author profile
        • a reading syllabus for crime fiction either set in this country, or written by authors from this country.

You can find all the information HERE.

From my TBR pile I have already pinpointed the following books. Alternatively I have some websites suggestions, mainly Euro Crime, Crime Scene and Bitter Lemon Press.

  • Monday 1 August. England – Bloodline by Mark Billingham
  • Monday 8 August. Spain/Portugal – Mensajeros de la oscuridad by Alicia Giménez Bartlett
  • Monday 15 August. France – Lorraine Connection by Dominique Manotti
  • Monday 22 August. Holland/Belgium – Click HERE for ideas
  • Monday 29 August. Denmark – Click HERE for ideas. But try Jussi Adler-Olsen
  • Monday 5 September. Germany – When in doubt always check at Euro Crime, HERE
  • Monday 12 September. Austria – Click HERE for ideas
  • Monday 19 September. Switzerland – Click HERE for ideas
  • Monday 26 September. Czech Republic – The Widow Killer by Pavel Kohout
  • Monday 3 October. Italy – The Damned Season by Carlo Lucarelli
  • Monday 10 October. Greece – Muerte en Estambul by Petros Márkaris
  • Monday 17 October. Turkey – Belshazzar’s Daughter by Barbara Nadel

I hope this will encourage you to participate. Nothing is better to do in life (dressed) than to read and travel.

10 thoughts on “Crime Fiction on a EuroPass”

  1. José Ignacio – You are so organised to already know what you are reading for all of these countries. I look forward to reading your reviews.

  2. Great plan and tour, Jose Ignacio! I am curious about that Czech one, will check it out. On Turkey, I was looking for books for my daughter today and was checking out Orhan Pamuk – his novels actually look quite good and crime-fictiony. I got her one so if she reads it I’ll ask her if she recommends it.

    1. Maxine I was considering also My Name is Red, a “must” but I don’t have it yet and I need to reduce my TBR pile at this stage.Thanks.

  3. Jose Ignacio: You have done a lot more thinking about EuroPass than I have done to date. I believe I have most of the countries covered. I am not sure about Belgium / Netherlands. I know I am going to have trouble with both Austria and the Czech Republic. Maybe Kerrie could re-route the train.

  4. Will look into this (it will be my first)….afraid I won’t have enough titles to cover all the countries…but I’ll see what I got. Thanks!

  5. I will gladly be an armchair traveler, reading the reviews you and others who are moving through Europe. I’m still working on a few informal challenges and a stack from my TBR pile and what is coming from the library. I have modest goals as I know I will accomplish them.

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