Three Seconds wins the CWA International Dagger

The 2011 CWA International Dagger has been won by Anders Roslund & Börge Hellström with Three Seconds, published by Quercus and translated from the Swedish by Kari Dickson. The announcement was made at the CWA Awards Ceremony during the Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival, Harrogate.

The judges praised the book, saying: “The Swedish duo’s usual maverick cop takes a back seat to a riveting exploration of a deniable operation involving an undercover agent deep inside a criminal organisation. Their new character, doomed to betrayal by political manoeuvring, fights for his life with great intelligence and courage.”

You can find the rest of the information HERE.

You can read my review of Three Seconds HERE.

For me it has been already quite an event to see two of my favourites writers (in Spanish) in the shortlist, Ernesto Mallo and Domingo Villar. My congratulations to the winners.


2 thoughts on “Three Seconds wins the CWA International Dagger

  1. personally I would have preferred to see either of the two Spanish language books win, Jose Ignacio, but even so congratulations to Roslund-Hellstrom whose book is thrilling and readable, if not that believable and far too long 😉

  2. I haven’t yet read this, but I would have been satisfied if Mello, Villar, Vargas or Camilleri won. The reviews I’ve seen of Three Seconds have not been raves. I’m not sure how the winners are chosen, but personal taste and popularity must come into the picture. I’m glad the nominations and good reviews pushed me to read Mello’s book and to find Villar’s book, which isn’t in my library, so I’ll purchase it.

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