International Dagger Speculation (2012)

Karen at Euro Crime has already published the list of translated crime novels released between June 2011 and May 2012 ie the period of eligibility. There’s 51 already but I do expect more to come. Just wanted to highlight the titles that have caught my attention.

Read so far:

Don’t want to miss:

  • Andrea Camilleri – The Track of Sand
  • Arnaldur Indridason – Outrage 
  • Johan Theorin – The Quarry 
  • Jan Costin Wagner – The Winter of the Lions 
  • Karin Fossum – The Caller
  • Yrsa Sigurdardottir – The Day is Dark
  • Asa Larsson – Until Thy Wrath be Past
  • Gianrico Carofiglio – Temporary Perfections
  • K O Dahl – Lethal Investments
  • Deon Meyer – Trackers
  • Hakan Nesser – The Unlucky Lottery
  • Friis & Kaaberbol – The Boy in the Suitcase
  • Leif GW Persson – Another Time, Another Life

A difficult task if my priority is to reduce the amount of books in my TBR shelves. I’ll have to get rid of some books I still have to read.

One thought on “International Dagger Speculation (2012)”

  1. We can ‘t get the second two titles you’ve read over here yet, Jose Ignacio though when I was in Austria I saw a copy of Basic Shareholder on sale in a bookshop in German 😉
    I have read quite a few on the longer list you give, and all I can say is that it is going to be a very tough decision – there are at least 3 I’ve read so far that I could not possibly choose between….

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