Crime Fiction on a Euro Pass – Sicily (Italy)

Crime Fiction on a Euro Pass is a community meme hosted by Kerrie at Mysteries in Paradise. The idea behind is that participants write a post linked to the country of the week. This week’s country is Italy. You can visit HERE the contribution of other fellow participants.

Sicily (Sicilia) is both the largest region of the modern state of Italy and the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Sicily has a rich and unique culture, especially with regard to the arts, music, literature, cuisine, architecture and language. The history of Sicily has seen Sicily usually controlled by greater powers—Roman, Vandal, Byzantine, Islamic, Hohenstaufen, Catalan, Spanish—but also experiencing short periods of independence, as under the Greeks and later as the Emirate then Kingdom of Sicily. Although today part of the Republic of Italy, it has its own distinct culture. (from Wikipedia) See also Best of Sicily travel guide.

Andrea Camilleri was born in 1925 in Porto Empedocle, in Agrigento Province, in Sicily. He worked as a script editor, a theatre and TV producer, before taking up writing very late – his first book, “Il Corso delle Cose” was not published until 1978. Even when he published his second book, “Un filo di fumo,” in the year 1980, no one would have been so rash as to apostrophize him as a future best-selling author with several million copies in print. It took another 15 years to reach that point. His hour finally came when he turned away from writing historical novels, to crime fiction, and with his invention of Detective Montalbano, who lives in Sicily and solves his cases in the imaginary town of Vigàta – it was Detective Montalbano who brought commercial success with him. Detective Montalbano is a gourmet – above all, he loves seafood in all its variations. He has a deep-seated aversion to flying and solves his cases using his instincts and an ability to practically become one with his surroundings and delve into the murderer’s soul. (from Camilleri fan club).

I suggest a visit to:

I’m currently reading The Snack Thief and my long term plan is to read all the books in the series in chronological order. So far I’ve read:

4 thoughts on “Crime Fiction on a Euro Pass – Sicily (Italy)”

  1. José Ignacio – Thanks for this interesting information about Sicily. And of course what “visit” to Sicily would be complete without a mention of Andrea Camilleri? Such a talented author I think, and I’m very glad you mentioned his novels.

  2. Jose Ignacio: What a wonderful post. A great author and great food. What could be better? Following the link to the meal made me long to travel to Sicily.

  3. I love the Montalbano series, but I always get hungry and long for seafood and pasta, or at least an espresso and biscotti while I’m reading — and at a cafe or trattoria on a seacoast.

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