The Greek writer Petros Markaris Wins the VII Pepe Carvalho Prize.

The Greek writer Petros Markaris, author of detective novels featuring the Athenian police investigator Costas Haritos, has won the VII Pepe Carvalho Prize in recognition to his career, as reported by the Instituto de Cultura de Barcelona (La Vanguardia).

The jury, formed by Sergio Vila-Sanjuán, Daniel Vázquez Sallés, Rosa Mora, Jordi Canal, Paco Camarasa and Juan José Arranz, has awarded unanimously the prize to Markaris, a clear representative of the Mediterranean noir.

They have also stressed that Markaris with Haritos, like Manuel Vázquez Montalbán with Pepe Carvalho, are critical witness of the evolution and transformation of Athens and Barcelona, two cities that became main characters in their novels.

Markaris has cooperated with Theo Angelopoulos on a number of film scripts and has translated several German dramas into Greek. His last book (Con el agua al cuello) the sixth instalment in the Costas Haritos series, if my information is correct, will be published in Spain soon.

The award ceremony will be held during the next edition of BCNegra, which is scheduled to take place from 6 to 11 February, 2012.

The Pepe Carvalho Prize has been awarded in previous editions to Andreu Martin, Ian Rankin, Michael Connelly, PD James, Henning Mankell and Francisco González Ledesma.

4 thoughts on “The Greek writer Petros Markaris Wins the VII Pepe Carvalho Prize.”

  1. I liked Che Committed Suicide and I had no idea that the author was so well regarded. I’lll look out for his other books.

  2. I just saw this post, Jose Ignacio — I will have to look out for the next installment of the award. Thanks!

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