Cruces de Piedra by Domingo Villar

Cruces de Piedra (Stone Crosses), the new instalment featuring Leo Caldas by Domingo Villar, will be published  in Spain by Siruela on the coming Spring.

Synopsis: One Tuesday in October, whilst the Galician coast is recovering from the damage caused by a major storm, a man goes to the police station worried by the lack of news from his daughter. 

Mónica Andrade lives in a small house by the sea, on the northern shore of the Vigo Ria. Every afternoon, she rides her bicycle along a path leading to the port of Moaña past the stone crosses of the local cemetery. From there she takes the ferry across the Ria to get to work at the town’s School of Art and Crafts. Mónica did not attend the weekly family lunch on Sunday, even though she had said she would come. Neither did she go to her pottery workshop or call to let them know she wasn’t coming. At the School of Art and Crafts the teachers are surprised by their colleague’s absence, but on the other side of the Ria her routine doesn’t seem to have changed. Everything at the missing woman’s house seems to be as it should be and the cat’s food bowl is full.

As men dig for shellfish in the sand exposed at low tide and fishermen throw their nets into the water, inspector Leo Caldas stares into the sea and asks himself: Where is Mónica Andrade?      

Information taken from: Guillermo Schavelzon Agencia Literaria Barcelona.

2012 International Dagger Speculation

Karen at Euro Crime has updated the list of translated crime novels published between June 2011 and May 2012 ie the period of eligibility, HERE. I do not dare to try to read them all. There are 63 so far (cf 52 last year) and rising. My intention is just to keep track of the ones I’ve read and highlight the ones I’m more interested to read before the shortlist is announced.

Have read so far:

  • Ernesto Mallo – Sweet Money
  • Johan Theorin – The Quarry
  • Gianrico Carofiglio – Temporary Perfections
  • Eduardo Mendoza – The Olive Labyrinth
  • Petros Markaris – Basic Shareholder
  • Arnaldur Indridason – Outrage (currently reading)

In my TBR shelf:

  • Jørn Lier Horst – Dregs (just arrived)
  • K O Dahl – Lethal Investments
  • Deon Meyer – Trackers (TBR next)
  • Guillermo Orsi – Holy City (recently added)

In my wishlist

  • Andrea Camilleri – The Track of Sand
  • Sissel-Jo Gazan – The Dinosaur Feather
  • Jan Costin Wagner – The Winter of the Lions
  • Thomas Enger – Burned
  • Karin Fossum – The Caller
  • Asa Larsson – Until Thy Wrath be Past
  • Kristina Ohlsson – Unwanted
  • Kjell Eriksson – The Hand That Trembles
  • Kjell Eriksson – The Princess of Burundi
  • Hakan Nesser – The Unlucky Lottery
  • Friis & Kaaberbol – The Boy in the Suitcase
  • Gunnar Staalesen – Cold Hearts
  • Jussi Adler-Olsen – Disgrace
  • Jo Nesbo – Phantom
  • Leif GW Persson – Another Time, Another Life

A totally subjective list, biased towards Nordic writers. I know.

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