L’hora zen, de Teresa Solana

Edicions 62 have recently released Teresa Solana latest novel.

Synopsis: Borja and Eduard are going to receive a very special client at their operetta office, Teresa Solana. She is writing a novel about a new fad, alternative therapies, the action is set in the upper part of Barcelona. Due to an unexpected setback the two brothers will get involved in an international espionage’s conspiracy that can almost cost their lives.

While the writer’s mission will force them to attend an exclusive meditation centre called L’Hora Zen, and investigate a convoluted murder case of an homeopathic doctor, Borja and Eduard will have to face the CIA, a local police inspector and their own incompetence.

Besides, in order to survive the current crisis, Borja has decided to act as a broker in an antique transaction.

Source: edicions 62.

7 thoughts on “L’hora zen, de Teresa Solana”

  1. José Ignacio – Oh, I’m very fond of Eduard and Borja :-). Thank you for reminding me that I must get to this one. I really like this series.

  2. Is there a Spanish (not Catalan) edition of this book? I loved the first two ones.


      1. Thanks for this answer although it’s not what I hoped for…


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