The Joe Pickett Novels

This was intended as a private note, but it might be of some interest to any regular or casual reader of this blog. I came across Joe Pickett’s novels, thanks to Maxine at her blog Petrona: Open Season by C J Box.

Joe Pickett, a Wyoming game warden,  has now been the protagonist in twelve novels, starting with Open Season in 2001. We can read at C J Box website that ‘game wardens are unique because they can legitimately be involved in just about every major event or situation that involves the outdoors and the rough edges of the rural new west. They’re trained and armed law enforcement officers, and nearly every human they encounter in the field is armed, which is unique. Often, they’re too far from town to call backup in an emergency so they’re forced to deal with situations with their experience, weapons, and wits. Their districts can encompass 5,000 square miles of rough country filled with wildlife, history, schemes, and secrets. By necessity, they’re lone wolves.’

The Joe Pickett Novels: Open Season (2001), Savage Run (2002), Winterkill (2003), Trophy Hunt (2004), Out of Range (2005), In Plain Sight (2006), Free Fire (2007), Blood Trail (2008), Below Zero (2009), Nowhere to Run (2010), Cold Wind (2011), Force of Nature (2012).

Have ordered today Open Season and hope to read it soon. Stay tuned. Meantime I would like to suggest a visit to C J Box’s website.

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