The Suspect, by Michael Robotham

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Time Warner Paperbacks, 2005. Pages 470. ISBN: 9780751534795. First published in Great Britain in 2004 by Time Warner Books.

The Suspect, a psychological thriller, is the debut novel of Australian author Michael Robotham. The action is set in England and Wales, but it takes place mainly in London and Liverpool. The story is told in a first person narrative. The main character, Joe O’Loughlin is a clinical psychologist. When the book opens Joe, as the primary negotiator, is trying to prevent the suicide attempt of a young patient, who has been diagnosed a brain tumour. They both end up spitting to the people watching in the street below. At this stage the reader will know that Joe has a disease too.

Joe appears to have the perfect life, a beautiful wife, a loving daughter, a successful career and he gets involved, as a volunteer, with services to the community. But then a young woman is found murdered stabbed twenty-one times, every one of the wounds self-inflicted. The police turn to him to see if he can help them understand. He knows the victim, he also believes he knows the killer but as he gets closer to the truth, he becomes the main suspect.

The Suspect is a compelling thriller, with fine doses of humour and very well written. The characters are convincing and very well drawn. Although I could not sense empathy for the main character. The plot is pretty well-crafted but I found the solution too twisted for my taste. But all in all it was a satisfying read. I’ll definitively read another one of his novels in a not too distant future.

Michael Robotham began his career as investigative journalist in Australia and Britain. He later became a ghost-writer, collaborating on 15 ‘autobiographies’. Twelve of these books became Sunday Times bestsellers. Twice a winner of the Ned Kelly Award for Australia’s best crime novel, Michael has also been shortlisted the UK Steel Dagger, the ITV3 Thriller Award and South Africa’s Boeke Prize. His psychological thrillers have been translated into 22 languages. His last novel is The Wreckage (Sphere, 2011).

I’m counting it as my third book in the 2011 Aussie Author Challenge.

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Sospechoso de Michael Robotham

Sospechoso, un thriller psicológico, es la primera novela del autor australiano Michael Robotham. La acción se desarrolla en Inglaterra y Gales, pero tiene lugar principalmente en Londres y Liverpool. La historia está contada en primera persona. El personaje principal, Joe O’Loughlin es un psicólogo clínico. Cuando el libro comienza Joe, como principal negociador, está tratando de evitar el intento de suicidio de un joven paciente a quien le han diagnosticado un tumor cerebral. Ambos terminan escupiendo a la gente que mira desde la calle. En este momento el lector sabe que Joe también tiene una enfermedad.

Joe parece tener una vida perfecta, una bella esposa, una hija que le quiere, una carrera de exito y se involucra, como voluntario, en servicios para la comunidad. Pero entonces una joven es encontrada de veintiuna puñaladas, cada una de las heridas auto-infligida. La policía se dirige a él para ver si les puede ayudar a entenderlo. Él conoce a la víctima, él también cree conocer al asesino, pero conforme se acerca a la verdad, se da cuenta de que él es principal sospechoso.

Sospechoso es un thriller convincente, con finas dosis del humor y muy bien escrito. Los personajes resultan verosímiles y están muy bien elaborados. Aunque yo no he podido sentir empatía por el personaje principal. La trama está muy bien elaborada, pero la solución me pareció demasiado retorcida para mi gusto. En general ha sido una lectura satisfactoria. Definitivamente voy a leer otra de sus novelas en un futuro no muy lejano.

Michael Robotham comenzó su carrera como periodista de investigación en Australia y Gran Bretaña. Más tarde se convirtió en un escritor fantasma (negro, en castellano), colaborando en 15 “autobiografías”. Doce de estos libros se convirtieron en best-sellers. Ha obtendio dos veces el premio de novela Ned Kelly en Australia a la mejor novela negra. También ha sido finalista en el Reino Unido de la Steel Dagger, Premio de Novela de suspense de la ITV3 y Premio Boeke en Sudáfrica. Sus thrillers psicológicos han sido traducidos a 22 idiomas. Su última novela es The Wreckage.

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4 thoughts on “The Suspect, by Michael Robotham”

  1. Now I read your review I remember I have read this one (twice! I think it was republished in the UK under a different title). I quite enjoyed it but, as with others of his books, I think it was too long and kind of ran out of steam in the middle so he had to keep going round the same questions, while treading water.

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