Con el agua al cuello – Neck-deep in Water

Con el agua al cuello (Tusquets, 2011) –Neck-deep in Water– the seventh book in Commissar Costas Haritos series by Greek author Petros Markaris was released last month in Spain. Originally published in 2010, the original title is Ληξιπρόθεσμα Δάνεια.

Synopsis: A hot Sunday in the summer of 2010, Commissar Haritos attends the wedding of his daughter Katerina, this time in the Church and with musical fanfare. The next day, shortly after his arrival at headquarters, he is informed of the murder of Zisimópulos Nikitas, a former bank manager, his throat sliced with a sharp weapon. The gruesome murder coincides with an anonymous campaign someone has taken against the banks, encouraging citizens to boycott financial institutions and do not pay their debts and mortgages. The truth is that Greece, on the verge of bankruptcy, is going through a very critical moment, and people do not hesitate to take the streets to complain against cuts in wages and pensions. To make things worse, Stazakos, the Chief of the Anti-Terrorist Squad, holds that the killing of Zisimópulos could be the work of terrorists. Haritos disagrees with that hypothesis but he will have to make do with his two assistants to deal with a murderer whose crimes have only just begun. (My free translation).

Tusquets editores

3 thoughts on “Con el agua al cuello – Neck-deep in Water”

  1. José Ignacio – It’s good to hear that the next Haritos mystery is out there. I’ll be very interested to see what you think of it when you review it.

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