2012 International Dagger Speculation Update

Karen at Euro Crime has updated the list of translated crime novels published between June 2011 and May 2012, the period of eligibility, HERE. My objective is to keep track of the ones I’ve read and highlight the ones I’m more interested to read before the shortlist is announced.

Read so far:

On my TBR:

  • Jørn Lier Horst – Dregs 
  • K O Dahl – Lethal Investments
  • Guillermo Orsi – Holy City

I intend to read them soon

On my wishlist:

  • Andrea Camilleri – The Track of Sand
  • Sissel-Jo Gazan – The Dinosaur Feather
  • Jan Costin Wagner – The Winter of the Lions
  • Thomas Enger – Burned
  • Karin Fossum – The Caller
  • Asa Larsson – Until Thy Wrath be Past
  • Kjell Eriksson – The Hand That Trembles
  • Kjell Eriksson – The Princess of Burundi
  • Hakan Nesser – The Unlucky Lottery
  • Friis & Kaaberbol – The Boy in the Suitcase
  • Gunnar Staalesen – Cold Hearts
  • Jussi Adler-Olsen – Disgrace (aka The Pheasant Killers)
  • Jo Nesbo – Phantom
  • Asa Larsson – The Black Path
  • Hakan Nesser – Hour of the Wolf
  • Andrea Camilleri – The Potter’s Field

13 thoughts on “2012 International Dagger Speculation Update”

  1. I’m three-quarters through Jørn Lier Horst’s Dregs at the moment and I love it. The Jan Costin Wagner is on order!

    1. Thank you Sarah. I’ll like to know your view on Dregs. I don’t know yet in which order I’ll get the books in the wishlist. Probably I’ll wait until I read the ones on my TBR first, just to keep it at a managable level.

  2. I loved Dregs, too. Better than Wallander I thought. (fairly similar genre). I haven’t been able to read a couple of the ones you have, Jose Ignacio, because they haven’t come out over here yet, but I am looking forward to them. I’ve read and enjoyed several on your wishlist (by the way, I think the eligible Asa Larsson is Until Thy Wrath Be Past, not The Black Path?). The Boy in the Suitcase is on my shelf to read. It is going to be incredibly hard to pick a winner this year!

      1. I understand that the publisher can only submit one title per author, so that might help with the TBR!! 😉

  3. Jose Ignacio: You have made a good start on reading eligible mysteries. I will be interested in reading your assessments and seeing how they compare against the formal judging. Do you have a favourite at this time from the eligible mysteries you have read to date?

  4. Maxine: Dregs is good but Wallander has a special place in my heart.
    Bill: I was going to ask Jose the same thing – what has been his favourite so far?

    1. I think I must be fickle, Sarah! I too love Wallander (the character from the books), the kind of man I can identify with. But I was quickly won over by Wittig (Witting?).
      Jose Ignacio, Trackers is a good choice! I loved that one. But have read others that I’ve enjoyed as much so I look forward to seeing if your opinion changes with time 😉

  5. The Black Path gets its first UK publication next year. As mentioned, only 1 book per author can be submitted which leaves the publisher with a dilemma doesn’t it :)? I am currently reading Map of time by Felix Palma which doesn’t appear above – is it seen as a crime novel in Spain? So far it seems more science fiction though Jack the Ripper features. I’ve been told that Disgrace may be pushed back a bit so it may be in next year’s eligibles. Also, have you considered reading Ashes?

    1. Thanks for the information Karen. Map of Time by Felix Palma was seen more like science fiction or history fiction rather than crime fiction. I have read some interesting reviews.I forgot Ashes, thanks for remind me.

    2. I was sent a proof copy of the then-publisher (penguin) a while back which I used for my Euro Crime review, and I am pretty sure it was a UK edition. Quercus are re-translating it so maybe that counts as “new”.

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