Glacé – Frozen

Bajo el hielo (Roca, 2011), original title Glacé, translated from the French by Dolors Gallart is the debut novel of Bernard Minier and has just been published by Roca editorial. It was a great success since its release in February 2011, and was awarded with the Prize to the best novel at Cognac Crime Fiction (Polar) Festival.

Synopsis: December 2008. The setting, a deep valley in the Pyrenees. On their way to work, the employees of an hydroelectric plant have discovered the beheaded body of a horse hanging in the frozen side of the mountains.
The investigation of this gruesome discovery is assigned to Captain Servaz, an hypochondriac in his forties who always behaves instinctively. This is the strangest case in his career. What reason would anyone have to kill a horse, two thousand meters above sea level? Everything indicates that this is only the starting point of a long nightmare. That same day, a young psychiatrist starts working in the local psychiatric hospital. (My free translation).

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