El verano de los juguetes muertos – The Summer of Dead Toys

Thanks to Karen at Euro Crime I discovered El verano de los juguetes muertos (Debolsillo, 2011) – The Summer of Dead Toys – the debut novel of Antonio (Tony) Hill (Barcelona, ​​1966), writer and translator. It has been quite a success this summer and has received some excellent reviews in Spain so far. I presume the English translation will be available any time soon.

Synopsis: Inspector Hector Salgado has been removed from active service for several weeks when, unofficially, he is assigned to a sensitive case. The seemingly suicide of a young man that belongs to the high bourgeoisie of Barcelona gets more complicated as Salgado enters in a world of privileges and misuses of power. Hector will not only have to confront with this,  but also with shadows of his past that, in the worst moment and in an unexpected way, have returned to get even. Dreams, work, family, justice and ideals have a very high price … but there are always people willing to pay the price. (My free translation).

You can find HERE and excellent review by Ricardo Bosque (in Spanish).


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