Holy City

I’m reading Ciudad Santa by Guillermo Orsi and thought it was a good idea to share with you this information. The Holy Land is a religious theme park just outside Buenos Aires recreating the Jerusalem of the First Century A.D. Click HERE to find out more.

Holy City, by Guillermo Orsi. Translator Nick Caistor. MaxLehose Press, 1st March 2012.

Guillermo Orsi works in Buenos Aires as a journalist. His novel Sueños de Perro won the Semana Negra Umbriel Award in 2004,  No-one Loves a Policeman won the 2007 Premio Internacional de Novela Negra Ciudad de Carmona and Holy City was the winner of the Hammett Prize 2010. 

2 thoughts on “Holy City”

  1. José Ignacio – What a story! It all seems somehow a bit surreal – really interesting though. Thanks for sharing.

  2. How fascinating! Having been to Pompeii a couple of years ago, I must put this on my list of destinations! Incidentally, there is a very good (apparenty) “biography” of Jerusalem by Simon Sebag Montefiore – Prof P asked for it for Xmas but he will have to wait now for his birthday when it is out in paperback. Looks very good.

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