Frozen Silence (2011) a film directed by Gerardo Herrero

Frozen Silence (2011) is a Spanish thriller directed by Gerardo Herrero, from a screenplay written by Nicolás Saad, based on El tiempo de los emperadores extraños (2006), a novel by Ignacio del Valle, starring Juan Diego Botto, Carmelo Gómez, Víctor Clavijo, Andrés Gertrúdix, Francesc Orella, Sergi Calleja, Jordi Aguilar, Alex Spijksma. It was released in Spanish cinemas last 20 January, the Spanish title Silencio en la nieve.

Synopsis: A Battalion of the Spanish ‘Blue Division’ runs into a desolated landscape; a Cavalry Squadron frozen to death in a lake, their bodies still riding their horses.  All but for one.  His corpse lies on the ice; his throat slit.  Engraved in blood on his shoulder reads ‘Watch out, God is Watching You’. Soldier Arturo Andrade, a former police inspector, is assigned to the case. He proceeds methodically with the investigation with the aid of Sergeant Estrada. The clues lead them to conclusions of a perverse vengeance. Everyone is under suspicion, more than 18.000 people stuck in the cruel war. They are facing a serial killer who is a hunter in the snow.

I won’t have time to read the book before seeing the film. Anyhow the point of interest is the Blue Division, a not very well known episode in our history.

Official site

Silencio en la nieve (Frozen Silence)

One thought on “Frozen Silence (2011) a film directed by Gerardo Herrero”

  1. José Ignacio – I’ll be very interested to see what you think of this film. I don’t know much about the Blue Division either, and I ought to learn more.

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