OT: Camino Schmid

El camino Schmid 054

The camino Schmidt is a popular mountain path from the port of Navacerrada to the town of Cercedilla, through the pine forests of Valsaín (Segovia) and the Valle de la Fuenfría (Madrid).

El camino Schmid 142

This route was marked by the Austrian mountaineer Eduard Schmid in 1926.

El camino Schmid 146

El camino Schmid 147El camino Schmid 092

The route between the port of Navacerrada and Cercedilla is about 14 kilometers.

El camino Schmid 095

Part of this path goes together with an ancient Roman Road, which is actually an eighteenth-century work, built during the times of King Felipe V to link Madrid to the Royal Palace of La Granja.

El camino Schmid 147

El camino Schmid 184

El camino Schmid 248

El camino Schmid 273El camino Schmid 284

El camino Schmid 285

I took these pictures today.

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