Premi L’H Confidential 2012

This year the L’H Confidential Prize was awarded to La llamada de un extraño (The Call of a Stranger) by Rafael Alcalde (Source: Blog La Bòbila).

Synopsis: The call of a stranger may surprise you. If this stranger seems to know more from you than yourself, you can become preoccupied. If the stranger calls you or your loved ones, you can become disturbed. If you can’t avoid his calls, you will despair. If the stranger is willing to reward you, you can get used to. If he decides to punish you, it will be too late to rectify, if ever you could have had the possibility to rectify. Pray for Lopez not to call you. (My free translation). Source: Roca editorial.

Semana Negra 2012 Will Be Held in Gijon

Gijón City Council has reached an agreement with the organization of  Semana Negra to celebrate the crime fiction festival this 2012. The 25th Semana Negra will be held in the grounds of Naval Gijón from 6 to 15 July. (Source: Conocer Asturias).

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