Pick of the Month 2012 – March

The Pick of the Month, hosted by Kerrie at Mysteries in Paradise, is a book meme. The purpose is to identify our crime fiction best read for that particular  month. You can check HERE the contribution of other bloggers. 

From my side March 2012 has not been a rich month reading-wise. I’ve finished five books only, but I did quite enjoyed almost all of them:

  • Wash This Blood Clean From My Hand. Original title: Sous les vents de Neptune (2004). Spanish title: Bajo los vientos de Neptuno (Punto de Lectura, 2008), by Fred Vargas.****
  • Grey Souls (aka By a Slow River). Original title: Les Âmes grises, 2003. Sapanish title: Almas grises (Ediciones Salamandra, 2010), by Philippe Claudel.**
  • The Moving Target (Vintage crime/Black Lizard, 1998), by Ross Macdonald.*****
  • Blood Spilt. Original title: Det blod som spillts, 2004. Spanish title: Sangre derramada (Booket, 2011), by Åsa Larsson. ****
  • Retrato de familia con muerta (Family Portrait with Dead Woman) Diario Público 2011, de Raúl Argemí.****

And my preference, this month, goes to The Moving Target by Ross Macdonald

8 thoughts on “Pick of the Month 2012 – March”

  1. I’ve read a couple of these and enjoyed them. I’ve read quite a few Ross Macdonald many years ago, and enjoyed them very much at the time. I read them at about the same time I read Raymond Chandler and remember that the Macdonalds were easier to understand, plotwise! (I had completed Dashiell Hammett before both, I think he remains my favourite but this was many years ago).

  2. José Ignacio – I’m glad that you found you liked more books than you didn’t. And I can’t tell you how happy I am that you liked the Ǻsa Larsson novel. That series is one I like very much, and I encourage you to read the others in it if you haven’t. And of course, there’s Ross MacDonald…

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