International Dagger Speculation (2012) Update

I think it’s time to take a look at the list of eligible books. I’ve read so far:

  • Arnaldur Indridason – Outrage, tr. Anna Yates *****
  • Ernesto Mallo – Sweet Money, (Original title: Delincuente Argentino aka El policía descalzo de la Plaza San Martin) *****
  • Johan Theorin – The Quarry, tr. Marlaine Delargy *****
  • Jørn Lier Horst – Dregs, tr. Anne Bruce *****
  • Gianrico Carofiglio – Temporary Perfections, tr. Antony Shugaar *****
  • K O Dahl – Lethal Investments, tr. Don Bartlett ****
  • Deon Meyer – Trackers, tr. K L Seegers *****
  • Eduardo Mendoza – The Olive Labyrinth, (Original title: El laberinto de las aceitunas) ***
  • Jo Nesbo – Phantom, tr. Don Bartlett*****
  • Guillermo Orsi – Holy City, (Original title: Ciudad Santa)***


On my priority list:

  • Karin Fossum – The Caller, tr. K E Semmel
  • Asa Larsson – Until Thy Wrath be Past, tr. Laurie Thompson
  • Hakan Nesser – The Unlucky Lottery, tr. Laurie Thompson
  • Friis & Kaaberbol – The Boy in the Suitcase, tr. Lene Kaaberbol


On my wish list:

  • Andrea Camilleri – The Track of Sand, tr. Stephen Sartarelli
  • Sissel-Jo Gazan – The Dinosaur Feather, tr. Charlotte Barslund
  • Camilla Lackberg – The Hidden Child, tr. Tiina Nunnally
  • Gunnar Staalesen – Cold Hearts, tr. Don Bartlett
  • Hakan Nesser – Hour of the Wolf
  • Andrea Camilleri – The Potter’s Field, tr. Stephen Sartarelli


Other interesting books, I presume:

  • Jan Costin Wagner – The Winter of the Lions, tr. Anthea Bell
  • Thomas Enger – Burned, tr. Charlotte Barslund
  • Sergios Gakas – Ashes, tr. Anne-Marie Stanton-Ife
  • Yrsa Sigurdardottir – The Day is Dark, tr. Philip Roughton
  • Claudia Pineiro – All Yours
  • Kristina Ohlsson – Unwanted, tr. Sarah Death
  • Kjell Eriksson – The Hand That Trembles, tr. Ebba Segerberg
  • Kjell Eriksson – The Princess of Burundi, tr. Ebba Segerberg
  • Mons Kallentoft – Midwinter Sacrifice, tr. Neil Smith
  • Maurizio De Giovanni – I Will Have Vengeance, tr. Anne Milano Appel
  • Valerio Varesi – The Dark Valley
  • Mari Jungstedt – Dark Angel
  • Camilla Lackberg – The Drowning
  • Leif GW Persson – Another Time, Another Life tr. Paul Norlen
  • Helene Tursten – Night Rounds
  • Kjell Eriksson – The Demon of Dakar (First UK publication)
  • Antonio Hill – The Summer of Dead Toys, (Original title: El verano de los juguetes muertos)
  • Mons Kallentoft – Summertime Death, tr. Neil Smith

A full list of 2012 eligibles for CWA International Dagger is available at Euro Crime.

7 thoughts on “International Dagger Speculation (2012) Update”

  1. It is such a long list isn’t it Jose Ignacio, but you are doing very well in keeping up. I have read 15 (with a 16th unfinished) but would like to read so many more before the shortlist is announced. Where to find the time?

  2. José Ignacio – I’m very, very impressed with what you’ve accomplished so far! I think you’ll really like The Unlucky Lottery, although it doesn’t feature Van Veeteren the way the other novels do; it features Münster much more. And I’m a fan so I’m biased, but I think you’ll really like Until Thy Wrath Be Past, too. Nice mix there of past and present.

    1. Very kind of you Margot. I’m sure you have read much more titles. Thanks for your suggestions. The only reason to wait is that I can probably buy them cheaper in paperback within three or four months and I already have enough books to read in the meantime.

  3. I’ve read the ones on your priority and wish lists, Jose Igancio, and liked them all. Of the authors who have two books in contention (although their publisher can only submit one title per author), I found Nesser’s Hour of the Wolf better than The Unlucky Lottery, and The Potter’s Field superior to The Track of Sand. But everyone has their own opinion on books, of course!

    1. Thanks Maxine. If I got the time I would like to read the complete Montalbano and Van Veeteren series, but it’s always good to have your advice

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