Pick of the Month April 2012

The purpose of the Pick of the Month meme, hosted by Kerrie at Mysteries in Paradise, is to identify our crime fiction best read for each particular month. You can click HERE to find the contributions of other fellow bloggers. 

For my part I have reviewed three crime fiction books in April 2012, but no doubt quality compensates for quantity.

  • Phantom by Jo Nesbo. *****
  • A Dark Redemption by Stav Sherez.****
  • Where the Devil Can’t Go by Anya Lipska.****

    But it’s not fair to compare acclaimed authors and new talent. Therefore I have decided to choose Phantom the Best Novel, Legend (authors with 9+ books published) and declare a tie between A Dark Redemption and Where the Devil Can’t Go, for the Best Novel, New Voice (authors with 1-3 books published).

  • 10 thoughts on “Pick of the Month April 2012”

    1. Yes, we do seem to have a lot of riches this month. Great choice of best novel, Jose Ignacio (“there’s something about Harry”…..;-) ) and I think your runners-up are very worthy choices, too.

    2. José Ignacio – You’ve made excellent choices for this month, I think. There are lots of good books out there from which to choose, but I think you did it quite well.

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