Inspector Sejer Series (also featuring Inspector Jakob Skarre)

I’m halfway through The Caller and tried to order the Inspector Sejer Series available in English and Spanish. I thought it could be of your interest. I’ve read so far Don’t Look Back ¿Quíén teme al lobo? and Bad Intentions.

Karin Fossum – bibliography

6 thoughts on “Inspector Sejer Series (also featuring Inspector Jakob Skarre)”

  1. José Ignacio – Oh, this is a well-written series. I think you’ll enjoy it. I like the Konrad Sejer character quite a lot. It’s so refreshing when a sleuth isn’t a despondent alcoholic who battles personal demons all the time. And Fossum does a good job I think of constructing absorbing plots.

    1. Margot what looks interesting to me is that sejer doesn’t play a central roll in most of the books, but you are right. It’s good, for a change, to have a detective who isn’t an alcoholic and doesn’t need to expend most of his time fighting personal demons.

  2. Thanks, Jose Ignacio. It will be interesting to read the first in the series later this year. It is dreadful when these authors suffer from TOOO syndrome (translated out of order) – Kjell Erikssen, Liza Marklund, Helene Tursten et al. Even worse when a reviewer (usually a newspaper reviewer) has not realised and criticises the book on story-logic grounds – no fault of the author’s!

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