Ian Gibson wins the 2012 Fernando Lara Prize

Ian Gibson, the leading hispanist author, has won the 27th Fernando Lara Prize for his novel La berlina de Prim, a crime thriller, based during the 1st Spanish Republic (11 February 1873 and 29 December 1874). Read the full story at Books4Spain.

You can find HERE the Berlina Coupé (a four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage) used by General Joan Prim i Prats for his everyday transport. On 27 December 1870, in this carriage, General Prim suffered the terrorist attack in which he lost his life.

2 thoughts on “Ian Gibson wins the 2012 Fernando Lara Prize”

  1. Thanks, Jose Ignacio. From the press release, it seems not to be translated (yet). Your post reminds me of the not-much-later assassination of Archduke Frederick at Sarajevo, which I’ve been reading a lot about via my daughter’s dissertation for her history degree.

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