OT: Sierra de Francia

Located at the southern end of Salamanca province and about 70 km from Salamanca, the provincial capital, the Sierra de Francia is one of the mountain ranges belonging to the Sistema Central. Its forested mountain slopes (alder, oak, pine and ash) rise over the Northern Castilian Plateau, marking the geographical limit of its southwestern plains (Llanura Salmantina). Most of this territory, together with the valley of Las Batuecas was declared a natural park under the name Parque Natural de Las Batuecas-Sierra de Francia in 1978. And together with neighbouring Sierra de Béjar it constitutes a Biosphere Reserve. (Information taken from Wikipedia).

Last Wednesday I went up to the Peña de Francia (1723 m) from La Alberca, by walk. There are 8 km only but there is a difference in height of 700 meters. Enclosed you can find the pics I took. At the top stands one of the highest Virgin Mary shrines of the world.

Peña de Francia 037

Peña de Francia 117

Peña de Francia 147

Peña de Francia 243

Peña de Francia 269

Peña de Francia 283

2 thoughts on “OT: Sierra de Francia”

  1. José Ignacio – How very lovely! So breathtaking! Thank you for sharing it with us.

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