Sunday Morning Acquisition

About the author: Carin Gerhardsen, author of the Hammarby-series, five crime novels that take place in the southern parts of Stockholm. Originally a mathematician, Carin Gerhardsen has become one of Sweden’s most highly praised crime authors, considered “Sweden’s number one female crime author”, by Bokhora, the most popular book blog in Sweden. Lot of the scenes depicted are self-experienced, based on episodes from Gerhardsen’s own childhood.

Read an interview with the author by Janet Rudolph at Mystery Fanfare

I’ve just downloaded The Gingerbread House by Carin Gerhardsen, .the first in the Hammarby series of Swedish thrillers (available June 5, 2012) at € 3.94 (Kindle edition). Stockholm Text Publishing

The Gingerbread House has been reviewed by Maxine at Petrona and Simon Clarke at, among others. See also Scandinavian Crime Fiction: Barbara Fister’s post on Stockholm Text titles.

It’s available in Spanish, Planeta (2011) translated by Mayte Giménez and Pontus Sánchez, under the title: La casita de jenjibre.

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