6 thoughts on “Without Words”

    1. Bill. – Thank you very much. My wife and I went to watch the game to a relative’s house. One of our nephews had invited us to show us his new apartment and watch the game with his family. We had to return back home but fortunately it was a short distance by car and we had no problem.

  1. Congratulations, Jose Ignacio a brilliant performance. My cousin, whose surname is Garcia, phoned me just before the game so I took that as an omen. 🙂

    1. Thank you Norman. My mother’s surname is also Garcia, although my grandfather changed it to Garcia-Bosque and you probably know that in Spain we keep both surnames. Both, Garcia and Bosque, come from Jaca (Huesca) in Aragón as Rafael Estevez, Leo Caldas sidekick. :-).

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