Prim’s Carriage by Ian Gibson

Further to my previous post, Ian Gibson wins the 2012 Fernando Lara Prize, Prim’s Carriage (Editorial Planeta, 2012) by Ian Gibson, was released on 19 June 2012

The story is set at the beginning of September 1873. Though scarcely nine months old, Spain’s First Republic is on its last legs. The journalist Patrick Boyd arrives in Spain with a mission: to find out who had, three years earlier, assassinated his friend General Prim, president of the government and the most powerful man in the country. Patrick, illegitimate son of a young Andalusian girl and the Irishman Robert Boyd, shot in Málaga alongside Torrijos and another fifty companions, is determined to find out who plotted the assassination that would alter the destiny of Spain. His exciting detective work, with epicentre in Madrid, takes him from Seville to France, only to end up back again in Andalusia on the eve of the military coup that for over half a century would put an end to the republican dream. (Ute Körner Literary Agent)

If you love Spain and you fancy historical novels, detective fiction, and XIX century travel books, you may be as interested as I am in this one. The only drawback so far is its price. I have to be patient. 

The Execution by Firing Squad of Torrijos and his Colleages on the beach at Málaga (El Prado Museum On-line gallery)

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