Cristina Fallarás winner of the Spanish Hammett Prize at Gijon Crime Fiction Festival

Las niñas perdidas (The Lost Girls) by Spanish writer and journalist Cristina Fallarás (Zaragoza, 1968) won today the Premio Hammet a la mejor novela negra en español,the literary award given during the Semana Negra de Gijón to the best crime fiction book written in Spanish.

Book Description: There is another Barcelona: the one far removed from tourism and fashion. It is in this other, villainous city that detective and ex-journalist Victoria González moves confidently. And being heavily pregnant doesn’t make it any easier. Victoria or Vicky was born in the suburbs and has her office in the neighbourhood of El Chino, is five-months gone and has a case of two dead little girls on her hands. Dead and tortured. Her faithful friend Jesús warns her it’s not the case for her, not in her condition. The commissioner says the same, as does her instinct. But this is enough for her not to give up. (MB Agencia Literaria).

If my information is correct Cristina Fallarás is the first female writer to win the Spanish Hammett Award. Las niñas perdidas (Roca, 2011) was also the winner of the L’H Confidencial International Noir Novel Prize 2011.

2 thoughts on “Cristina Fallarás winner of the Spanish Hammett Prize at Gijon Crime Fiction Festival”

  1. Jose Ignacio: You are highlighting many excellent Spanish mysteries. I keep looking for them in Western Canada but it is uncommon to find them. I generally try to buy books at bookstores which sometimes limits my choices.

    1. Bill – Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately some are not yet translated and others are difficult to find or are even too high price. But some may be available via on-line bookstores. I’m also getting excellent information on Canadian books thanks to you although I’m afraid I have no read any, so far. It’s just a matter of time, soon I’ll put an end to that .

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