O/T Two Comedians by Edward Hopper

Yesterday I visited the Hopper exhibition at the Thyssen Museum. Although Two Comedians is not one of my favourite Hopper paintings, I liked this story around it and the song by Frank Sinatra.

In 1965 Hopper painted what would be his last work, Two Comedians. “Hopper’s intuition that there was a parallel between himself and Pierrot reflects his awareness of the solitude that he shared with clowns and other artists in their roles as outsiders.” The painting belonged for many years to Frank Sinatra who, in his song Send in the Clowns, tells the story of an ageing couple that seems to refer to this painting. (Hopper biography)

Frank Sinatra – Send in the Clowns – You Tube

My previous post on this exhibition is HERE.

Hopper microsite Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum (Virtual visit)

7 thoughts on “O/T Two Comedians by Edward Hopper”

  1. Interesting background information, José Ignacio. I always like learning about what’s behind artwork, songs and so on.

  2. I’m not able to visit the current exhibit. Would you have any photos of this Hooper painting? If so and if it isn’t an inconvenience, could you send me any phoos of Two Comedians. My email address is mtringali4@gmail.com.
    Thanks, Matt

  3. The song send in the clowns was written in 1973,hopper died in 1965 so he could not ever have heard sinatra sing the song.The 1957 sinatra album only the lonely had a picture of sinatra with a clown face.

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