2012 Global Reading Challenge Update

During the last months I have somehow neglected my participation in the Global Reading Challenge 2012. The Easy Level requires me to read one novel from each of these continents in the course of 2012: Africa, Asia, Australasia/Oceania, Europe, North America, South America and the Seventh Continent (here you can either choose Antarctica or your own ‘seventh’ setting, e.g. the sea, the space, a supernatural/paranormal world, history, the future – you name it). I have restricted myself to “new-to-me” crime fiction writers. 

Click on the titles for my review of the books I read so far. In bold the titles of the books I’m looking forward to reading to complete the challenge. Stay tuned.

  • Europe: A Place of Execution, by Val McDermid (Great Britain)
  • Africa: Mixed Blood, by Roger Smith (South Africa)
  • North America: Open Season, by CJ Box (USA)
  • South America: Retrato de familia con muerta (Family Portrait with Dead Woman) de Raúl Argemí (Argentina)
  • Asia: My Name is Red by Orhan Pamuk (Turkey)
  • Australasia/Oceania: The Brotherhood by Y.A. Erskine (Australia)
  • the Seventh Continent (History): If The Dead Rise Not, by Philip Kerr (Berlin, 1934)

2 thoughts on “2012 Global Reading Challenge Update”

  1. José Ignacio – You are making great progress on this challenge! I’m impressed. And I like it that you’re featuring “new-to-you” authors. I think it’s good when we “meet” new authors, even if we don’t end up loving their work.

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