Pick of the Month July 2012

The purpose of the Pick of the Month meme, hosted by Kerrie at Mysteries in Paradise, is to identify our crime fiction best read for each particular month. You can click HERE to find the contributions of other fellow bloggers.

In July 2012 I read eight crime fiction books though I only reviewed the first five so far, the others will come in due time. You can find my reviews by clicking the book titles.

  • Venus Privada (Ediciones Akal, S. A., 2012, Versión Kindle) de Giorgio Scerbanenco. Traducción de Cuqui Weller. Título original: Venere privata. (English title: A Private Venus).***
  • The Gingerbread House (Stockholm Text, 2012. Kindle edition) by Carin Gerhardsen. Translated by Paul Norlén. Original title: Pepparkakshuset, 2008.***
  • The Cold Cold Ground (Serpent’s Tail, 2012. Kindle edition) by Adrian McKinty*****
  • Mácaras [English title: Havana Red] (Tusquets Maxi Serie, 2012) by Leonardo Padura*****
  • Deep Down (Transworld Digital, 2012) by Lee Child***
  • The Terrorists (Fourth Estate; (Reissue) edition, 2012) by Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö**** (not yet reviewed)
  • The Scent of the Night (Picador, 2007) first published in English 2005 as The Smell of the Night by Andrea Camilleri**** (not yet reviewed)
  • The Black Path, English translation by Marlaine Delargy, 2008 (MacLehose Press, 2012) by Asa Larsson**** (not yet reviewed)


    For my taste both, Havana Red and The Cold Cold Ground, were a five star read but finally, by a slim margin, I would go for Adrian McKinty’s The Cold Cold Ground.


  • One thought on “Pick of the Month July 2012”

    1. José Ignacio – I’m glad you had some good reads in July. I really look forward to your view of The Black Path; I see you gave it four stars which sounds as though you enjoyed it. I have to admit I’m biased; I do really like that series very much. And of course, I’m eager to see what you share about The Terrorists and The Smell of the Night, too. Two other excellent series in my opinion.

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