2012 Crime Fiction Alphabet Q is for Quílez, Carlos Quílez

After my previous post on the 2012 Crime Fiction Alphabet I’ve just find out a new-to-me Spanish crime fiction writer Quílez. Carlos Quílez is also a journalist who uses information from some real crimes that have had some social relevance as an inspiration for his books. His last book La soledad de Patricia (Patricia’s Solitude) won the 2009 Award Crims de Tinta. You can find additional information (in Spanish) HERE. It sounds attractive to me and I’ve just added to my wish list. See review (in Spanish) at Negra con puntillo.

Journalist Patricia Bucana receives the tip-off of her life: two alleged members of the French secret services have been arrested in Barcelona, with powerful and sophisticated weapons, presumably when they were about to commit an assassination. She’ll end up risking her life, as she picks up the pieces of this case.

4 thoughts on “2012 Crime Fiction Alphabet Q is for Quílez, Carlos Quílez”

  1. José Ignacio – Not one but two posts for Q – that is impressive! Thanks for the introduction to Quílez’ work.

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