The Annika Bengtzon series

This post was intended as a private note, but I thought it might be of interest to some regular or sporadic readers of this blog, given that Last Will has been published recently in English.   

The Annika Bengtzon series has not been written in the order in which the events in the novels take place. The chronological order is as follows:

  • Studio sex (1999; Studio 69, trans. Kajsa von Hofsten, 2002; Exposed, trans. Neil Smith, 2011) (Spanish translation: Studio Sex, trad. Carlos del Valle, Suma de Letras, 2010) – takes place eight years before the action of The Bomber
  • Paradiset (2000; Paradise, trans. Ingrid Eng-Rundlow, 2004; Vanished, trans. Neil Smith, 2012) (Spanish translation Paraiso, trad. Carlos del Valle (?), Suma de Letras, 2011) – a direct continuation of Studio 69
  • Prime Time (2002; Prime Time, trans. Ingrid Eng-Rundlow, 2006) – the action occurs between Paradise and The Bomber.
  • Sprängaren (1998; English translation The Bomber, trans. Kajsa von Hofsten, 2000; The Bomber, trans. Neil Smith, 2011) (Spanish translation Dinamita, trad. Carlos del Valle, Suma de Letras, 2010) – the first book published in the series.
  • Den Röda Vargen (2003; English translation The Red Wolf, trans. Neil Smith, 2010) – an independent story which picks up from the end of The Bomber.
  • Nobels testamente (2006; English translation Last Will, trans. Neil Smith, 2012) – takes place some months after The Red Wolf.
  • Livstid (2007; English translation Lifetime, pro. title, publ. October 2012) – a direct sequel to Last Will.
  • En plats i solen (2008; English translation  A Place in the Sun, pro. title. pub 2013) – a direct sequel to Lifetime.

The last three novels can be considered as a trilogy, within the series.

  • Du gamla, du fria (2011; the English title might be Borderline) – I’m not sure if this is another novel in the Annika Bengtzon series.


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