Lorenzo Silva winner of the 2012 Premio Planeta Literature Award

Reported by The Literary Saloon, the literary weblog at the complete review, La marca del meridiano, a detective novel by Lorenzo Silva in his Bevilacqua-Chamorro series, won last night the 2012 Premio Planeta Literature Award. It was selected from 432 entries (the majority from Spain, but including 54 from South America and 37 from North America). You can read the full post HERE. Kudos to The Complete Review.

You can read my previous post on Lorenzo Silva and his Vila-Chamorro series HERE. And my review of La reina sin espejo by Lorenzo Silva (in Spanish) is HERE. Lorenzo Silva is the curator of Getafe Negro, Madrid crime fiction festival.

By the way the meridian in the title is a reference to the Greenwich Meridian, the imaginary line that separates Madrid and Barcelona. During his speech Lorenzo Silva said in Catalan that we live in a democracy and everyone can say what they want and think, but his desire is to never be another dividing line than that meridian which, after all, is nothing more but an imaginary line.

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