12 Books of 2012

I’m borrowing this idea from the blog Vano Oficio by Ivan Thays. You can find below a list of 12 books than were published this year but I won’t have the time to read them until next year:

6 thoughts on “12 Books of 2012”

  1. José Ignacio – Many of those (e.g. Invisible Murder and Standing in Another Man’s Grave are books I want to read very much. Like you though, I won’t be able to get to them before year’s end. Oh, well, it’s not a race. I will read what I can, when I can.

  2. A good list. I have read four of these: Last Will, Broken Harbor, Invisible Murder and Blessed are the Dead. The Black Box and The Vanishing Point are sitting on my TBR pile, after having just been gotten from the library. Some of the others I’ll have to think about as the TBR list is humongous.

  3. I have read four of these; Connelly, Marklund, Persson and Meyer. You have some good reading ahead of you Jose Ignacio. The Rankin and Enger sit on a toppling over TBR mountain.

  4. Margot, Kathy, Norman, Bill, I do appreciate your comments. Those are only 12 of the books published in 2012 that I won’t be able to read this year and I plan to read next year. Unfortunately I still have more books in my TBR pile.

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