My Reading Pattern So Far This Year

A post by Margot Kinberg at Confessions of a Mystery Novelist has made me realise that this year I have read so far 62 book of which only 13 were written by female authors. 19 were written in Spanish, either originally or translated. The country breakdown looks as follows: 45 European authors, of which 14 Nordic, 14 British, 11 Irish, 6 Italian, 5 Spanish and 3 French. From the Americas, 5 were by US authors, 4 from Argentina, 2 from Mexico and 1 from Cuba. I also read from South Africa 3 books and 1 each from Japan and Australia.

2 thoughts on “My Reading Pattern So Far This Year”

  1. José Ignacio – Thank you very much for the kind mention. You’ve really read such a wide variety of books this year from all over the world. I admire that.

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