Top 10 Crime Fiction Books in Spain This Year, by elPerió

Through a consultation with critics, booksellers and librarians, elPerió has prepared the following list. 

  1. La primavera del comisario Ricciardi / La primavera del comissari Ricciardi. Maurizio de Giovanni. Original title: La condanna del sangue. La primavera del commissario Ricciardi.
  2. Con el agua al cuello / Amb l’aigua fins el coll. Petros Márkaris.
  3. Headhunters. Jo Nesbo.
  4. Praga mortal. Philip Kerr. Original title: Prague Fatale.
  5. La muerte de una heroína roja. Qiu Xialong. Original title: Death of a Red Heroine.
  6. Invierno ártico / Hivern àrtic. Arnaldur Indridason. English title: Arctic Chill.
  7. La marca de sangre. Johan Theorin. English title: The Quarry.
  8. Un final perfecto / Un final perfecte. John Katzenbach. Original title: Read One, Two, Three.
  9. La marca del meridiano. Lorenzo Silva.
  10. La danza de la gaviota / La dansa de la gavina, Andrea Camilleri. English title: The Dance of the Seagull.

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Crime Fiction Books in Spain This Year, by elPerió”

  1. José Ignacio – There are some terrific novels in that list! And you have reminded me that there are a few novels on that list that I still need to read.

    1. I’m also looking forwrad to read some on the list, mainly the ones from Phillip Kerr, Camilleri, Markaris and de Giovanni. Have alredy read Death of a Red Heroine, Arctic Chill and The Quarry.

  2. Jose Ignacio: I would be interested in the criteria. Some, in particular, Death of a Red Heroine were published some years ago. What makes a book eligible in a given year?

    1. Thanks for your remark Bill. I should have stated Top 10 Crime Fiction Books published in Spain this year, regardless of what year they were published originally.

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