OT: Cuenca (Spain)

In the Region of Castile-La Mancha, between the Júcar and Huécar river canyons, you will find this city with the UNESCO World Heritage designation for its wealth of monuments. Its historic centre looks out over rocky canyon walls in the heart of the Cuenca Mountains. The Cathedral, Casas Colgadas (Hanging Houses) and cobbled streets charm the most hardened traveller. A former Dominican convent houses the Cuenca Parador Hotel, where guests can rest and enjoy the region’s most traditional recipes. (Taken from Spain info).

Cuenca 10-12 Enero 2013 020

Cuenca 10-12 Enero 2013 041

Cuenca 10-12 Enero 2013 280

Cuenca 10-12 Enero 2013 079

Cuenca 10-12 Enero 2013 067

3 thoughts on “OT: Cuenca (Spain)”

  1. José Ignacio – Oh, it’s gorgeous! I think the ‘photo I like best is the third one – of the balconies. But they’re all lovely ‘photos. I”m glad the town is being protected as the national treasure that it is.

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