2013 International Dagger Speculation (Update)

Thanks to Karen at Euro Crime, you can check HERE the list of translated crime fiction that might be eligible for the 2013 International Dagger.

I’ve read so far:

I’ve on my radar: 

  • Pierced, by Thomas Enger.
  • A Grain of Truth, by Zygmunt Miloszewski.
  • The Sound of One Hand Killing, by Teresa Solana.
  • Last Will, by Liza Marklund. 
  • Linda, As in the Linda Murder, by Leif GW Persson.
  • The Dance of the Seagull, by Andrea Camilleri.
  • The Weeping Girl, by Hakan Nesser.

6 thoughts on “2013 International Dagger Speculation (Update)”

  1. José Ignacio – Oh, I’ve got several of those titles on my radar too. I’m especially keen to read the Solana, the Camilleri and the Nesser although the others are enticing too.

  2. Jose Ignacio, I have just read the brilliant Blessed are those that Thirst by Anne Holt and it should be a strong contender for the International Dagger. But my version was American and if it is not published in the UK it will not be eligible. This is where the Petrona Award will fit in I hope. A review of BATTT up soon, after I finish the VAT tax returns. 😦

  3. Blessed is out in March so is eligible Norman, Is it better than the previous one? I haven’t read either yet. I’m currently reading T Solana’s newest.

  4. They are both very good, BATTT is quite short but packs a lot in and one of the main characters is a dentist, which may have influenced me. 😉
    It reminded me a little of Sjowall and Wahloo in the way it discussed social problems, and the over stretched police force. The characters in The Blind Goddess did grow and develop alongside the police procedural plot in Blessed.

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