Jakob Arjouni in Memoriam

Jakob Arjouni, born in Frankfurt on the Main in 1964, author of the Kemal Kayankaya-mysteries (published in English by No Exit and Melville House) died in Berlin Wednesday, after a long battle against pancreatic cancer. (Booktrade).  He was only 48 and has published novels, short stories, theatre and radio plays. His first “Kayankaya” novel Happy Birthday, Turk! was made into a film in 1991, directed by Doris Dörrie. Jakob Arjouni received the “German Crime Fiction Prize” in 1992 for One Man, One Murder. His publication Idiots: Five Fairy Tales was on the bestseller list for months. His most recent publication was Cherryman Hunts Mister White. (Words Without Borders). See also Jakob Arjouni entry at Fantastic Fiction and New Books in German.

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