Pick of the Month – January 2013

I started this year reading five crime fiction books and two short stories. The two short stories were from a new-to-me author Paul D. Brazill. If you enjoy short stories with a noir accent, I highly recommend them. You can also see my reviews by clicking on the book’s title:

The Black Box by Michael Connelly.***

Seven Days by Deon Meyer. Translated by K. L. Seegers.****

Standing in Another Man’s Grave by Ian Rankin.**** STANDING IN ANOTHER MAN'S GRAVE

I Hear the Sirens in the Street by Adrian McKinty.****

Death On A Hot Afternoon (Short story) by Paul D. Brazill.****

Red Esperanto (Short story) by Paul D. Brazill.****

L’Hora Zen, by Teresa Solana. English title: The Sound of One Hand Killing.**


My preference is split between Seven Days and Standing in Another Man’s Grave. But I’ll go for Rankin by a paltry margin.

Crime Fiction Pick of the Month 2013 is a meme hosted by Kerrie at Mysteries in Paradise. You can join in any time you wish or pay a visit to her summary page HERE to see what other fellow bloggers suggest. 

5 thoughts on “Pick of the Month – January 2013”

  1. The only one of your list that I’ve read is Seven Days and I liked that very much so if the Rankin is a better novel I’d best seek it out.

  2. José Ignacio – I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the novels you’ve read for the most part. Your post is reminding me that I must read I Hear the Sirens…. That’s one I had decided to read and haven’t gotten to yet. And thanks for mentioning Brazill’s work here. I always like it when a talented author who maybe doesn’t get as much attention as other authors gets some notice.

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