Denmark’s ‘Queen of Crime’: Sara Blædel

This entry was intended only as a private note, but I thought it may be of some interest.

Sara Blædel is a Danish author best known for her crime fiction novels featuring Louise Rick. She has been voted Most Popular Author in Denmark three times, received several prizes and grants and her novels have been published in 16 countries. Her first novel was Green Dust (Grønt støv), published in Denmark in 2004. Her first murder mystery published in the United States was Call Me Princess (Pegasus, 2011). which has also been published in the United Kingdom under the title Blue Blood (Sphere, 2013). Her second United States release, Only One Life (Pegasus, 2012) came out in the US on July 1st, 2012 with the third Farewell to Freedom released on December 4th 2012 (taken from Wikipedia).

Sara Blædel’s books featuring Detective Louise Rick of the Copenhagen Police Department

  • Grønt støv / Green Dust, 2004, featuring Detective Louise Rick and her best friend, journalist Camilla Lind.
  • Kald mig prinsesse, 2005. U.S. edition: Call Me Princess (Pegasus, 2011). UK edition: Blue Blood (Sphere, 2012). 
  • Kun ét liv, 2007. U.S. edition: Only One Life (Pegasus, 2012).
  • Aldrig mere fri, 2008. U.S. edition: Farewell to Freedom (Pegasus, 2012). Spanish edition: Sin salida (Mosaico, 2010). The Spanish publisher Mosaico has closed.
  • Hævnens Gudinde / The Goddess of Revenge, 2009. Spanish edition: Sin piedad (Mosaico, 2011). The Spanish publisher Mosaico has closed.
  • Dødsenglen / The Angel of Death, 2010.
  • De Glemte Piger / The Forgotten Girls, 2011.

Sara Blædel’s Website 

Mark Billingham interview Sara Blaedel

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