Van Veeteren series by Håkan Nesser

This post was meant as a personal note, but it might be of interest to (casual or regular) readers of this blog

Following the publication in the UK of The Weeping Girl, 2013, I have put together the complete list of books in the series. Click on the book title for additional information. Please let me know if you find any errors or omissions. The action takes place in Maardam, a fictitious city in a made-up country that could be anywhere in northern Europe. It follows the murder cases investigated by Chief Inspector Van Veeteren – eventually the retired Chief Inspector – and his two crime squad protégés, Münster and Moreno.

Det grovmaskiga nätet, 1993; English translation: The Mind’s Eye, 2008 (Mind’s Eye, USA, 2008); Spanish translation: La tosca red, 2006.  

Borkmanns punkt, 1994; English translation: Borkmann’s Point, 2006

Återkomsten; 1995; English translation: The Return, 2007

Kvinna med födelsemärke, 1996; English translation: Woman with Birthmark, 2009; Spanish translation: La mujer del lunar, 2009

Kommissarien och tystnaden, 1997; English translation: The Inspector and Silence, 2010

Münsters fall, 1998; English translation: The Unlucky Lottery, 2011 (Münster’s Case, USA, 2012)

Carambole, 1999; English translation: Hour of the Wolf, 2012

Ewa Morenos fall, 2000; English translation: The Weeping Girl, 2013

Svalan, katten, rosen, döden, 2001; English translation: The Strangler’s Honeymoon, 2013

Fallet G, 2003. 

4 thoughts on “Van Veeteren series by Håkan Nesser”

  1. Hopefully, I find time to read him later this year. I’ve taken on a few series already, but surely at least 1 isn’t beyond me.

  2. José Ignacio – This is a series I like very much. One of the things I really respect about Nesser is the way the series has continued even after Van Veeteren has left active duty. I think it’s a high-quality series.

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