Best new-to-me crime fiction authors: a meme: April to June 2013

To encourage us to read new authors, Kerrie at Mysteries in Paradise has launched this meme. It is easy to join in. All you need to do is write a post about the best crime fiction book by a new (to you anyway) author that you have read during this time frame. And do not forget to visit the links posted by other fellow participants to discover even more books to read.

In the second quarter of this year I’ve read fifteen books of which six were by new (to me anyway) authors.You can see my review by clicking on the book title:

And I would like to draw your attention to two authors in particular: Philip Kerr and Peter May.

4 thoughts on “Best new-to-me crime fiction authors: a meme: April to June 2013”

  1. José Ignacio – I really like Philip Kerr and I’m quite pleased you’ve chosen him as one of your favourites. His Bernie Gunther is a terrific character. And I like the variety in the new-to-you authors you’ve ‘met’ too.

  2. Philip Kerr is an old favorite, and I wish I had new books of his to read. Peter May — I have not tried yet but I am looking forward to reading The Blackhouse. Your lists of books are always very interesting and varied.

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