2013 Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year Award

Scottish writer Denise Mina, for her novel Gods and Beasts, won yesterday the Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year Award in Harrogate, Yorkshire. Gods and Beasts is the third novel in Mina’s Alex Morrow series. Mina won the award in 2012 for her novel The End of the Wasp Season (Alex Morrow Series #2). The other two books in the series are: Still Midnight (Alex Morrow Series #1) and The Red Road (Alex Morrow #4). Denise Mina is also well known for the Garnethill trilogy.

Overview: It’s the week before Christmas when a lone robber bursts into a busy Glasgow post office carrying an AK-47. An elderly man suddenly hands his young grandson to a stranger and wordlessly helps the gunman fill bags with cash, then carries them to the door. He opens the door and bows his head; the robber fires off the AK-47, tearing the grandfather in two. DS Alex Morrow arrives on the scene and finds that the alarm system had been disabled before the robbery. Yet upon investigation, none of the employees can be linked to the gunman. And the grandfather-a life-long campaigner for social justice-is above reproach. As Morrow searches for the killer, she discovers a hidden, sinister political network. Soon it is chillingly clear: no corner of the city is safe, and her involvement will go deeper than she could ever have imagined. (Taken from Barnes & Noble).

I have The End of the Wasp Season waiting on my shelves. Maybe it’s time to read it soon. Stay tune.

Spanish publisher Roca Criminal has published three of her books to date.

Denise Mina Official Website.

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