Leighton Gage In Memoriam

With great sadness I read this morning that Leighton Gage is no longer with us. The announcement at Murder is Everywhere is HERE. Although I had only met him through the Internet, I regarded him a good friend. He has provided me some excellent reading hours. My sincere condolences to his family.

Leighton was the author of a crime fiction book series set in Brazil featuring Chief Inspector Mario Silva. My reviews can be found by clicking on the book title.

PS: Just read at The Rap Sheet that “another Silva tale, The Ways of Evil Men, (is) scheduled for publication by Soho Crime in January of next year.”

11 thoughts on “Leighton Gage In Memoriam”

  1. I awoke to a spectacular sunrise over the Ohio River in Cincinnati, which, in just the right light, and from just the right angle, reminds me of the Rio Araguaia (“river of macaws” in the Tupi language) in Central Brasil, where my father took me in the late 60’s, during our 5-year stint in São Paulo with Caterpillar Tractor Co. Thanks to Murder is Everywhere, I was introduced to Leighton, who never failed to help me “matar saudades” for my beautiful adopted country, always in search of the elusive “ordem e progresso.” Muito obrigado, Leighton…descanse em paz. Eide, our condolences to you and your family, and know we’re smiling because he lived.

  2. This is very sad news, indeed. It must be horrific to his family, whom he always spoke of lovingly.
    I learned so much about Brazil from Leighton’s posts at Murder Is Everywhere — about every conceivable topic. His photographs of beautiful locations in that country were stunning. I posted one to my Desktop and there it is.
    Leighton’s sense of social justice also came thorugh in his books and on the blog.
    He shall be missed.

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