El camino de Ida (Ida’s Journey) by Ricardo Piglia

Summary (taken from Guillermo Schavelzon Literary Agency): Emilio Renzi, a regular character in Ricardo Piglia’s novels and the author’s alter-ego, has arrived at the campus of a prestigious university in New Jersey to give a seminar on the Argentinian years of an English writer. He was invited by the department director, the beautiful Ida Brown. Renzi has just been through a divorce and thinks that the distance and stay in a strange place, where barely anyone knows him, may help him to put his life back on an even keel. But his plan immediately falls apart: on his first night, he is unsettled by a strange phone call. Then, driven by a fit of passion, he starts a clandestine, unforgettable romance with Ida. Small, suspicious incidents and strange misunderstandings culminate with the tragic death of Professor Brown in an inexplicable accident that involves a worrying detail: Ida’s hand is burned and this seems to connect her to a series of attacks against figures in the academic world. The campus is filled with FBI agents and the police. Renzi is not a suspect but nonetheless conceals a fact that may compromise himself and the dead woman.

Will be released in September.


Ricado Piglia at Wikipedia

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