An Update of the Annika Bengtzon series

Following my previous post HERE, the complete series at present consists of ten books. 

  1. Studio sex (1999; Studio 69, trans. Kajsa von Hofsten, 2002; Exposed, trans. Neil Smith, 2011) (Spanish translation: Studio Sex, trad. Carlos del Valle, Suma de Letras, 2010) – takes place eight years before the action of The Bomber
  2. Paradiset (2000; Paradise, trans. Ingrid Eng-Rundlow, 2004; Vanished, trans. Neil Smith, 2012) (Spanish translation Paraiso, trad. Carlos del Valle (?), Suma de Letras, 2011) – a direct continuation of Studio 69
  3. Prime Time (2002; Prime Time, trans. Ingrid Eng-Rundlow, 2006) – the action occurs between Paradise and The Bomber.
  4. Sprängaren (1998; English translation The Bomber, trans. Kajsa von Hofsten, 2000; The Bomber, trans. Neil Smith, 2011) (Spanish translation Dinamita, trad. Carlos del Valle, Suma de Letras, 2010) – the first book published in the series.
  5. Den Röda Vargen (2003; English translation Red Wolf, trans. Neil Smith, 2010) – an independent story which picks up from the end of The Bomber.
  6. Nobels testamente (2006; English translation Last Will, trans. Neil Smith, 2012) – takes place some months after The Red Wolf.
  7. Livstid (2007; English translation Lifetime, trans. Neil Smith 2012) – a direct sequel to Last Will.
  8. En plats i solen (2008; English translation The Long Shadow, trans. Neil Smith, 2013) – a direct sequel to Lifetime.
  9. Du gamla, du fria (2011; the English translation Borderline, trans. Neil Smith, 2014) – takes place three years after Lifetime
  10. Lyckliga gatan (2013; English title might be: Happy Nation) –  takes place six months after the events in Borderline.

Source: Salomonsson Agency

The three novels Last Will, Lifetime and The Long Shadow can be considered as a trilogy within the series. (Wikipedia)

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