My Review of Cold Hearts by Gunnar Staalesen at Petrona Remembered

ColdHeartsStaalesenYou can find today at Petrona Remembered, my review of Cold Hearts by Norwegian author Gunnar Staalesen (Arcadia, 2013. Kindle edition. Translated from the Norwegian original Kalde Hjerter (2008), by Don Bartlett, 2013. ISBN: 978-0-9573304-7-4.)

The aim of this site is to honour both the memory of Maxine Clarke, who passed away after a long battle with illness in December 2012, and to keep alive the kind of community spirit she engendered. 

Please don’t forget to visit the contributions submitted by other fellow readers, writers, translators, bloggers or just fans of crime and mystery fiction HERE and feel free to submit your contribution. You do not need to be a writer or even a blogger. You do not even need to have known Maxine Clarke (Maxine was always welcoming new readers to the crime fiction community). As long as you can send an email and have a crime or mystery novel you love you are welcome to submit a contribution. 

Thank you very much, Bernadette, for this wonderful opportunity to commemorate Maxine Clarke.

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